Support a school, care-home or NPO without spending an extra cent!

WeBenefit is a profit-sharing business, which helps schools, care homes and other care-giving NPOs (non-profit organisations) to save money and raise money.

We are passionate about supporting these organisations by offering innovative ways to fund much-needed projects and help reduce monthly costs.

WeBenefit harnesses the power of consumers' online shopping and business procurement to generate funds for our beneficiaries.

We share 60% of our profit from each transaction. If your chosen beneficiary is registered with us, you can allocate half of that contribution to your own school or care home fees!

So how does WeBenefit work? It's as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Which NPOs do we Support?

Not-for-Profit Schools

NPOs must be Registered with the Directorate of Non-Profit Organisations

Care Homes

NPOs must be in good standing - having submitting their annual reports and financial reports to the relevant authorities on time

Community Upliftment

Higher Education

Primary Health

Animal Welfare