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WeBenefit is on a mission to support schools and non-profit organisations (NPOs) – in a smart, sustainable way – so that they can devote more time and resources to the work they’re meant to do, whether it’s educating children, caring for the elderly, protecting animals or fighting poverty.

Because this is WeBenefit’s sole purpose, it drives the way we do business. We pre-negotiate special deals with leading brands and suppliers to help NPOs and schools save an average of 15% on their routine procurement. This also enables us to pass on savings to you, through our shop – where 60% of the profit of your purchase is shared with the charity or school of your choice.

We make it easy for you (and businesses) to support the cause that’s close to your heart: you shop, you save – and you support a school or organisation at the same time, every time.

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How you benefit

  1. Save money on everything: most products and services cost less than you’d pay at retailers, while some offers are exclusive to WeBenefit.
  2. Save on school fees: our unique School Fee Benefit enables you (and your business) to allocate funds to your child's school fees whenever you use the WeBenefit platform.
  3. Support your charity or school: 60% of the profit of every purchase is shared with the organisation or school you choose to support – at no extra cost to you.
  4. Supplier guarantees: WeBenefit and its suppliers honour all guarantees.
  5. Stress-free shopping: with superb services and hundreds of products at great prices, shop online when it suits you – day or night – and enjoy delivery to your door.
  6. Simplified business procurement: save on routine spend and services – and save time – while earning BBBEE procurement credits. Read more about the benefits to business here.