Do you really need to invest in more band width?
Or do you just need to optimize and organize what you have got!
A new offering from UC Wireless that we have recently added to WeBenefit Procure, is called Alloc8. This is in direct response to our schools reporting that data line/bandwidth performance and costs are an issue and even after upgrading their bandwidth, they soon experience slow internet and Wi-Fi speeds. This leads to frustrations with admin staff, when trying to do banking for example or when teachers are trying to load marks or access content and emails.

The way that many schools have tackled this problem is that they purchased even more bandwidth - a bigger pipe – which is a very expensive way of solving the issue as this is a significant increase in contractual costs over 2 years or more. South Africa has one of the most expensive internet access/data costs in the world. Businesses are faced with exactly the same challenge.

So, we went in search of a solution that can optimise the costs and improve the internet access experience of our school, NPO and business customers. Our solution tackles the problem very differently!

Alloc8 is essentially a device installed in-line with the internet connection(s) which prioritises the traffic and bandwidth available based on a group/ user / application prioritisation matrix. In real-time specified users, groups, applications, internet sites and tasks – are given priority. Very similar to platinum level passengers boarding the plane first, then gold level etc. It has great reporting capabilities for you to see who is using the most bandwidth and for which task, applications etc. and allows ongoing management of priorities based on congestion and contention reported.
This is not an expensive solution but it is incredibly smart, flexible and scalable to any Internet connectivity. Schools, NPOs and businesses that have sufficient bandwidth and internet access for all users without such a solution may well have Internet connectivity that is too large and are incurring unnecessary costs, or may not be providing users with an optimal efficient experience.

Alloc8 is all about:
Optimising bandwidth and saving money on bandwidth costs
Improving staff and guest experiences by controlling traffic by application and users
Controlling the people that use the most bandwidth
Creating meaningful limits on free access to guests
Providing analytics for all applications and users