Save your school significant time and resources by using your own online portal to manage monthly stationery and consumables orders.

We negotiate the best price upfront, matching any written quote and we lock it in for the balance of the year.

You get a dedicated online portal to make ordering, approving, tracking and reporting easy!

Free delivery on all bulk orders. 24 hours turn around time in Gauteng, 48 hours in the rest of SA.

Pre-load and price lock all your regular orders in stationery, equipment, paper*, cleaning goods, refreshments and first aid:
Agree your product menu
  • We will work with you to review product options for stationery, equipment, refreshments, cleaning goods and first aid.
  • You make choices based on quality, pricing tiers and brands to set your ‘menu’.
  • We negotiate best pricing, match any written quote and lock the pricing for the balance of the year.
Set your budgets, shoppers and approvers
  • You decide what to spend by department, product category and/or month and we preload your budgets.
  • You decide who can fill a basket and who can approve the spend.
  • We preload your school’s shopping portal accordingly.
Free delivery on all bulk orders
  • Fill your basket from the pre-agreed, pre-priced menus.
  • Track and manage your budget.
  • Free delivery on all monthly orders.
  • Next-day delivery in Gauteng (if order is processed/paid by 2pm).
  • Delivery within 48 hours in the rest of SA.
Continuous Improvement
  • Users can give online feedback on the product choices.
  • Generate reports and analyse your spend.

* Bulk paper is a very volatile category. A price lock requires an upfront payment. We will store the paper on behalf of the school and deliver as needed.

In a proud partnership with Lippy's Everything Office:
  • Operating for more than 50 years.
  • Johannesburg-based with a national foot print.
  • Over 9000 product lines including stationery and office consumables, printer cartridges, canteen and janitorial supplies, office and school furniture and corporate gifts and clothing.
  • Well-stocked warehouse for fast fulfillment.
  • Fleet of dedicated drivers and delivery vehicles.
  • Servicing clients such as Nedbank, SARB, GE, AEL, UJ, Standard Bank, and the ADvTECH Group.