LED Energy Cost Saving Solution

WeBenefit through its partnership with Solux brings an energy cost saving LED lighting solution to schools, NPOs and businesses. Solux will convert an organisation’s old style inefficient lighting to top quality LED lighting – a risk-free investment as the lights come with a three-year warrant.

This conversion will dramatically bring down the cost of electricity for an organisation. The solution is saving the average size school over R150 000 per annum.

Added benefits include:

  • Reducing the maintenance of lights. LED lights last much longer than old style globes. Solux lights are rated for 50 000 hours.
  • A three-year warranty.
  • An optional maintenance plan where Solux will replace all faulty lights on-site for up to five years.
  • An industry first, Rent-To-Own solution which enables them to conserve scare capital funds and still save energy costs.
  • Improved lighting for classrooms and offices. No more flicker-prone fluorescent tube lighting.

SOLUX LED lights, are designed in Germany, carry the German TUV certification.

Available to: schools, charities, churches, care homes, businesses.

Hello, sunshine!

Electricity price hikes, power cuts, load-shedding … no wonder solar energy is being seen by more and more South Africans as an attractive alternative to total dependence on Eskom.

Most areas in our country enjoy more than 2 500 hours of sunshine every year. Solar is renewable, safe and environmentally-friendly – and it’s GreenSun’s speciality.

As renewable energy experts, GreenSun focuses on site-specific solar designs, real results, tried and tested solar equipment and real data from its many installations.

GreenSun’s quality products are backed by certified warranties and installed by certified solar installers. They’re guaranteed for 25 years, but last even longer.

Start benefitting from solar

  • Reduce your annual electricity cost – whether a home, business, school, charity, care home or church.
  • No annual price increases and ongoing savings on power.
  • Ensure availability of electricity – even during load-shedding.

Available to: schools, charities, churches, care homes, businesses, individuals.