Computer Rental Solutions with Dell Financial Services

Through Dell Financial Services (DFS), we are able to offer schools, NPOs and smaller businesses access to a computer equipment rental solution that is typically only available to large corporates. This solution is not limited to Dell equipment only - equipment from all major brands can be rented!

The computer equipment rental solution allows a school, NPO or business to:
Maximise Its Purchasing Power
With DFS you are able to acquire all the equipment you need, as and when it’s required, rather than when Capex budgets can accommodate it.
Avoid Major Cash Outlays
By renting your equipment through DFS, you are able to redirect your cash or equity to income generating projects and core educational, care-giving or business interests.
Predict Your Cash Flow
All your equipment and the associated costs thereof are covered by a fixed quarterly payment without escalation. This allows you to manage and easily predict your cash flow as well as hedge against inflation or interest rate movements.
Enjoy Lower Interest Rates
Because DFS invests its own equity as an upfront residual into every transaction, you get the benefit lower interest rates than traditional finance leases or your internal cost of funds.

To qualify for a rental solution, the computer equipment purchase must exceed R20 000 (exclusive of VAT).