Schools are under increasing financial pressure as costs continue to escalate ahead of income. Our donors and parents are in a similar position and are not always able to support to the extent they would like.

But what if your parents and alumni could make a meaningful contribution to the school without spending an extra cent?

Trade-Over-Aid is at the core of the WeBenefit model – we believe that there is an abundance and if we work together we can all benefit.

WeBenefit offers schools a fundraising engine that sits in an i-Frame on your own school’s website. It allows parents and supporters to go online and book flights with Travelstart as they would ordinarily would, at the same price, and also raise money for the school.

How does it work?
  • WeBenefit manages the partnership with Travelstart, we provide the i-Frame infrastructure to your website and track the funds raised.
  • The Travelstart/WeBenefit i-Frame is viewed on your school’s fundraising page, creating a seamless experience for your parents.
  • Your fundraising committee drives awareness of your fundraising page amongst parents and alumni.
  • Parents can buy domestic or international flights, on any airline and book through the Travelstart search window.
  • All travel logistics, tickets, payments, changes, etc. are managed directly by Travelstart.
  • For every unique transaction the school receives R75
The Nuts and Bolts
  • There is a simple one page Memorandium of Agreement outlining who does what.
  • We create your school’s unique fundraising code. for your parents.
  • We work with your website manager to insert the i-Frame onto a new ‘fundraising’ page on your website (a very simple and quick process).
  • We test and you go live! It is that easy
  • There is no charge to the school for the set-up or management of the i-Frame, or for the funds collection and payment process.
  • The school receives a monthly deposit and statement with the number of transactions that were made using your unique code.
  • Please note, that due to privacy and personal information regulations, neither WeBenefit nor Travelstart may share information about specific travellers, destinations etc.

Involve your students, parents, alumni and business supporters!

You can use exactly the same i-Frame instructions with your unique fundraising code on multiple websites. Why not encourage business supporters to book all of their travel on your i-Frame and get the fundraising rolling!

Once the fundraising page is up and running the school can consider adding other fundraising initiatives that WeBenefit has constructed such as car hire, family holidays and business procurement.