Printing and photocopying are amongst the highest costs (and worst headaches) for schools, businesses and charities. Now you can reduce expense by at least 15% - and that’s just for starters.

WeBenefit’s partnership with Xerox guarantees savings on printing – and savings on time, since it also removes the need to engage numerous suppliers to renegotiate contracts. Less expense, less downtime and less admin … what’s not to like?

Say goodbye to the headache of problematic printers, replacing toners and trying to figure out technical glitches. With our Pay as you Print solution, an off-site Xerox team monitors your printers in real-time – and a technician is dispatched if their software picks up a problem.

There are no complicated, long-term contracts and no hidden costs. Your total cost is known upfront and includes all toners and consumables, excluding paper. You give 90 days’ notice at any time.

Start benefitting from smarter printing

  • Choose from a basic managed print service to a full user management service: different options for different needs.
  • Improve insight and control. With the full user management solution, an innovative software and reporting service, you can monitor and control the volumes and type of print at user level. Research has shown that can reduce costs by a further 30%.
  • Generate income: integrate your solution with WeBenefit’s WeWallet, so that your school generates income when learners and parents want to print.

Available to: schools, charities, churches, care homes, businesses, individuals.