Schools print massive volumes every year – many ranging between one and four million pages! Not only do printing costs usually fall into the top five costs in the operating budget, but it is also a critical element that can bring teaching and exams to a standstill when machines malfunction and are not serviced quickly.

Working in partnership with Bytes Xerox, we have tailored a school contract approach that meets many of the challenges schools face.

A solution that reduces the cost and unpredictability of printing, whilst offering corporate-level customer service

All-inclusive cost per page: An all-inclusive cost-per-page approach replaces monthly rental fees. This means you only pay for what you print; there are no sunk costs during holiday periods and weekends.

Eliminate hidden costs: No surprises! Insurance, toner, drums, maintenance and breakdowns are all included. (Please note, consumables such as paper and staples are not covered).

Price locked for the contract period: The cost-per-page rate remains fixed throughout the contract period. In fact, there is a chance that the costs could come down – we have pre-negotiated a scale discount – so as more schools, NPOs and parent businesses join the WeBenefit Xerox deal and we achieve the next threshold, the rate will drop for everyone.

4 hours response time in urban areas: Printing is critical for exam papers, school reports, communication and class work; it is disruptive to a school if the printers are out of order. Our machines are tracked through cloudbased software which means toner levels, wear-out and performance of moving parts are proactively monitored - service levels target a 98% machine availability.

Track user patterns and drive down volume: Our solution includes software that allows schools to understand the usage pattern. When monitored and reported monthly by user, print volumes have been shown to reduce by as much as 30%.

The Xerox Tool Suite* continuously monitors your fleet remotely and in real time, providing device status and alerts. This enables us to:

  • Respond to consumable replenishment and service incidents before end users experience empty toners or a printer fault issue.
  • Replenish backups which means zero down time. Back-up toners are kept on site.
  • Give constant feedback to the control room to ensure the SLA response time is met. If a machine disfunction is experienced and logged, the response team is tracked by GPS.
  • Replace the machine at no cost to the school when the machine tracking shows an ongoing poor performance level.

*Printers must be connected to a network to be seen and monitored.

  Boksburg High School
Savings: R 59 000 over 12 months
R 299 500 over 60 months
Print volumes: 7 078 500 per annum (B&W)
348 600 per annum (colour)
Number of printers: 20
Additional benefits:
  • Early release from a poorly-serviced contract
  • Fleet was optimised through the type, number and placement of printers
  • Service levels improved dramatically from an average response time of three weeks to the contracted 4 hours
  Hurlyvale Primary
Savings: R 77 000 over 12 months
R 231 137 over 36 months
Print volumes: 1 201 596 per annum (B&W)
24 000 per annum (colour)
Number of printers: 5

Parent Business:
De Klerk & Van Gend Attorneys
Savings: R 185 000 over 12 months
R 555 000 over 36 months
Number of printers: 12
Funds Generated for the school: R 96 000 over the contract period