Use your online shopping or business procurement to pay towards your own fees!

If the beneficiary you have selected is a school or NPO with monthly fees (like an old age home or care home), you can choose to have half of the profit contribution you generate from each transaction go towards your own fees. Please note that WeBenefit can only activate this fee benefit if your beneficiary is registered with WeBenefit.

You can even invite family and friends to nominate your beneficiaries and get the whole team raising money for your school or NPO and for your fees!

How to activate your Fees Benefit?
Step 1: You need to be logged into your account so please login or register

Step 2: Go to “My Beneficiaries” under the top menu or just click here

Step 3: Make sure you have your school or care home selected as your beneficiary. If you don’t please “Add a New Beneficiary”

Step 4: Click the “Add Fees Benefit” option

Step 5: Fill in your child or family members details. Please provide an account or reference number so that the school or care home knows whose account to credit! And then press update!

Step 6: If you want to invite the rest of the family, your friends and the soccer team to support your school and fees you can use the “Invite a Friend” option!