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How does shopping online through WeBenefit.co.za help you and your school?

WeBenefit is an innovative online shop that exists to help you and your school, with fees and fundraising. Every time you shop online through WeBenefit.co.za, not only do you get top quality brands delivered to your door, but 60% of the profit also goes back to you and your school – towards your child’s school fees and to the school’s fundraising account.

So how does it work? When you go online to sign-up and shop you can nominate your school as a beneficiary. And if you also select the “contribute-to-my-school-fees” option you can also enter your child’s unique school fees account number and up to half of your contribution can go against your own school fees account!

WeBenefit.co.za is a trusted online shop

  • You will get top brands
  • At competitive prices
  • With a secure online payment system
  • Delivered to your door
  • With a reliable returns policy and procedure in place

You can also get all your family and friends to shop online and add your school and your child as a beneficiary so they are using their collective buying power to contribute!

Let’s look at an example:

  • A Parent/Shopper buys a Speedo girls swimming costume for R 471.50 (vs. R 650.00 at a well-known sports retailer and so already saves R 178.50!)
  • For this item 60% of the gross profit of the purchase is R 107.16
  • If the parent has nominated to give the full contribution to their school the school will receive R 107.16
  • If the parent has chosen to split the contribution between the school and their child’s school fees then R53.58 goes to the school and R 53.58 for towards their school fees account
  • The Parent can go online at any point to check their shopping cart and contribution dash board

WeBenefit is not a loyalty program – it is mobilizing the collective buying power of our community to do good!

No changes are required to your current school fee payment process. Each school decides at which point in the year it will pass the credit against the account of the learner. Where school fees are paid in advance, the accrued WeBenefit School Fee Benefit can be utilised against the following year’s fees. The WeBenefit School Fee Benefit does not in any way substitute the parent’s obligation of school fees to the school in question.

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Helping schools SAVE money by reducing the cost of routine purchases

Did you know that WeBenefit also has a Procurement arm that helps schools save money by leveraging the combined buying power of more than 5 000 schools? We use this scale to obtain better deals, higher service levels and innovative solutions for our school – a benefit usually only available to the largest corporates. We aim for a saving of 15%+ on operational costs ranging from stationery and computers, to energy saving, travel, printers and more.

Your own business could also benefit from this procurement service whilst nominating your school as a beneficiary – it’s a win-win