Frequently Asked Questions

What is WeBenefit?

WeBenefit is an innovative business, which is entirely focussed on doing good by means of a procurement and fundraising platform.

The platform aggregates buying power and connects communities and networks to help schools, charities, care homes, and churches to save money and to raise additional funds.

Does it cost me anything to join?

Not at all. Membership is free and there is no membership contract, which means you can quit anytime.

Is WeBenefit an online retailer?

WeBenefit’s fundraising platform may take the form of an online shop, but its sole purpose is to raise funds. It does this by tapping into the significant purchasing power of communities and providing them with an innovative and powerful method of supporting their schools, charities, care homes and churches. All this, at no extra cost to them.

Why choose WeBenefit?

Schools, charities, care homes, and churches form part of the bedrock of our communities. We believe that they play an instrumental part in building a vibrant, healthy, nurturing and balanced society in South Africa.

Currently these important organisations are under severe pressure. So, we decided to create a business (not another NGO, task team or think tank) that has, as its only mission assisting those institutions that have the largest impact on the wellbeing of our families, communities and, our country.

What’s in it for my beneficiary?

Procurement platform for schools, charities, care homes and churches – Care-based institutions can now procure at a price point and service level typically only available to the largest corporates in the country. In a nutshell, they’re able to save +15% on their operational budget.

A fundraising platform – By inviting parents, businesses, donors and churchgoers in the community to channel some of their routine purchases at competitive prices through the platform, a material contribution is made to their selected care-based institutions – at no extra cost.

What’s in it for the community?

A fundraising platform – For every transaction, WeBenefit will donate money to your chosen beneficiary enabling you to materially contribute to these institutions at no extra cost to them.

A parent support platform – By shopping for everyday items on the platform, parents contribute to their children’s school fees at no additional cost to themselves. Please note that the school must be registered with WeBenefit to activate this school fee benefit.

What’s the potential?

WeBenefit has the potential to become one of the major revenue streams for a school, charity, care home or church. For a school of 1 000 children, the potential may well exceed R750 000 per month if all parents participate. Similarly, a charity with 40 000 donors may well generate over R20m if all their donors participate.

WeBenefit can reduce the operating costs of a school, charity, care home or church by at least 15%. The aim is to lower the cost of each line item in a care-based institution’s operating budget by aggregating volumes to reduce prices.

I have a problem with my order. Who do I talk to?

We are here for you. Just call our helpline on 087 551 1001 or email us via and we’ll do our best to assist you.

Once I’ve ordered supplies, how can I follow up?

One of the benefits of shopping or signing up for services through WeBenefit, is that we will ensure you get the best deal and the best service. If there’s any problem with a supplier, just give us a call on 087 551 1001 or email us via and we will take it from there.

How can friends, family, businesses and the community members get involved with WeBenefit?

You can invite friends and family to support a care based institution of their choice and businesses can participate by channelling some of their procurement through the platform A significant contribution is made to the charities they support.