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WeBenefit is all about doing good and making a difference in the world and we’re on a mission to help other people do the same. We firmly believe that even though we can’t do everything, we can do something.

We aim to get the community involved with and contributing financially to local schools, charities, care homes and churches so that, together, we can make a difference. We do this by allowing individuals to procure their everyday products and services - from home appliances, stationery, airtime, electricity and more - quickly and easily from our secure online store.

Another way we do this is by allowing community members to sign up for our convenient lifestyle offerings which gives individuals the benefit of a better, more wholesome lifestyle for a fraction of the price that they’d normally pay for a gym membership or healthy foods.

We then take a percentage of every contribution you make and donate it to a school, church, care home or a charity of your choice.

Choose to do good and sign up today!

WeBenefit School Fee Benefit

We have good news! WeBenefit now helps parents by including school fees in its fundraising programme.

The annual increase in fees outstrips the growth in our earnings, and has for many years. After speaking to well over 400 schools over the course of six months, it’s clear that parents are under immense pressure to keep up with school fee obligations. WeBenefit decided to get involved - this time to assist parents directly.

How does it work?

The WeBenefit School Fee Benefit is a new, innovative solution, empowering parents to accumulate funds towards a chosen child’s school fees by shopping on the WeBenefit online platform.

Effectively, 30% of the gross profit related to a transaction flows directly to the school for general fundraising purposes and the other 30% is allocated to school fees. This is significantly more than most loyalty programmes

In the event that a balance remains in your School Fee Benefit at the end of the year, you will have the following options:

  • Donating the balance to the beneficiary school
  • Applying the balance to the following year’s school fees

An added bonus is that contributions towards your child’s school fees will not be limited to your purchases only. You can spread the word to grandparents, uncles, aunts, godparents, friends or anyone, for that matter, allowing them to also contribute towards your child’s school fees!

WeBenefit believes that this solution will not only help parents, but also result in a flow of new funds to schools that can significantly improve their facilities and the standard of education provided.

Bottom line, joining the WeBenefit School Fee Benefit will make meeting school fee obligations easier and less stressful – that is guaranteed. Get started today!