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Benefit as a charity

One of the biggest challenges for most charities and NPOs is usually funding. Budgeting is just the biggest headache and pennies need to be pinched because who knows where additional funding is going to come from?

Did you know that charities can save at least 15% or more on their own operational costs by procuring their products and services from the WeBenefit platform?

Then there’s also the benefit of community members’ donations who buy their products and services from us and contribute a percentage of their expenditure to a charity of their choice.

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Contribute to a charity

Do you feel overwhelmed by the busyness of life and not being able to get to everything you would like to? Do you have the desire to do good but don’t know how amidst the school runs, meetings, cooking and cleaning?

Without having to add another ‘to-do’ to your list, you can make a difference whilst simply going about your everyday life. By grabbing your everyday products directly from the WeBenefit online store, or by signing up for our wellness offerings, you can now raise money for a charity of your choice by contributing a percentage of your expenditure to their cause. Easy as pie!

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