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Doing good is good business

When businesses procure through WeBenefit, operational costs are reduced and, at the same time, every purchase facilitates the support of the company’s preferred NGO. In this way, doing good is good business.

Through WeBenefit’s pre-negotiated agreements with leading suppliers – and the collective buying power of schools, charities, churches and care homes – businesses benefit from:

  • Discounted buying
  • Standardised products and services
  • Corporate-level services and service levels
  • Simplified procurement processes
  • Increased CSI spend through procurement
  • BEE Procurement credits

WeBenefit contributions are material: 60% of gross profit at item level.

Businesses are also able to contribute towards their employees’ school fee obligations at no extra cost. Our School Fee Benefit enables parents and businesses to offset educational costs against their purchases.

Keeping track of business purchases and the contribution that results from them is simple: year-to-date totals are tracked visually through the WeBenefit Dial and the beneficiary organisation receives your contribution monthly.

WeBenefit offers a massive range of products from computers, office supplies, printers and cartridges to electronics, stationery, appliances and consumables.

Services include managed print and specialised printing, energy-saving solutions, financial services, WiFI and IT infrastructure, as well as travel and accommodation.