Save on Back2School stationery

Benefit your school

Times are tough and every Rand counts, which is why various schools have partnered with WeBenefit an online shop and fundraising platform. Through WeBenefit, parents will be able to save money on Back2School stationery – and 6% of every school specific bundle purchase will also benefit the school.

A unique feature of WeBenefit also enables you to accumulate funds towards school fees (the School Fee Benefit). This applies to every purchase you make on the platform – whether sports kits, clothing, appliances, cell phones or accommodation.

We encourage all parents to buy their child’s stationery through WeBenefit, knowing that the school will receive either 60% of the profit of all future purchases – or 30% if you opt for the School Fee Benefit.

Signing up to WeBenefit is free and the entire Back2School ordering process is simple:

  • Visit
  • Sign up as an Individual and complete the registration form.
  • Search for and select the school your child is in fromt he Beneficiary list.
  • WeBenefit will send you a confirmation email, and your profile will be activated when you click on the link provided.
  • Go to Shop/Back to School.
  • Select your school and stationery bundle.
  • Proceed to check out, select delivery address and pay.
  • Your order will be delivered to the address you provide.

Thank you for your support and participation!