School Registration

How will you benefit

We are not a loyalty program – we are a profit share business – and we share more with you than we keep!

  • Fund-Raising: Receive contributions from your school parents supporters who buy through the online store or procure through WeBenefit Procure
  • Fee Support: You will receive contributions towards the school fee accounts of your parents or families (where they have selected the fees benefit)
  • Savings: Reduce your overheads (our target is by 15%!) when you procure your stationery, on-site print solutions, wi-fi infrastructure, LED lighting, big and small appliances, specialised printing, cleaning goods, bulk dry food, coffee etc through WeBenefit Procure
  • Support your Staff: In recognition of the important work that your staff does we give them access to special pricing on the online store not available to the general public.

Who qualifies

  • Schools and education NPOs registered with the Department of Education
  • If the school is a for-profit business they can still register on WeBenefit but they need to nominate a for-good project that they are involved in to receive contributions

What is expected from you

  • You need to provide receipts for donation/contributions received via WeBenefit
  • You need to allocate school fee contributions where relevant
  • Either issue, or consent to WeBenefit issuing, 18A Tax donation certificates on your behalf if they are requested by donors
  • Encourage your parents and supporters to raise funds for you by shopping and procuring through WeBenefit – we will routinely provide the communication material – you just need to forward, post and share.

Browse through the shop before registering