How businesses benefit?

1. Benefit through procurement spend

You get top quality solutions for your business at competitive pricing AND we contribute 60% of the profit from each transaction to the beneficiary you nominate without you spending an extra cent. You can get an 18A tax certificate for that portion of the invoice if your beneficiary is a non-profit organisation.

  • Procurement solutions: Office supplies and stationery, appliances, computers and devices, energy cost-saving solutions, on-site printing solutions, specialised printing, wifi solutions, travel and accommodation, cleaning products, bulk dry food, a retirement fund and more.

2. Benefit through the online store

Get top quality brands delivered to your office or doorstep, and 60% of the profit from each transaction goes to the beneficiary of your choice.

  • Shop for computers and devices, home appliances, sport and outdoor, office and stationery, toys, baby products and travel.

3. Benefit through contribution to school fees and care home fees

Where appropriate and with the proper internal approvals, you may activate the fees benefit option. Where the beneficiary is a school or care home with monthly fees, there is the option to allocate half of the profit contribution towards the fees of a particular person. Please note that this can only be implemented if your beneficiary is registered with WeBenefit.

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2. Choose my Beneficiary

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