WeBenefit exists to help schools SAVE MONEY and RAISE MONEY

Saving schools money:

The WeBenefit procurement team works closely with your school (and other NPOs and faith-based groups) to help you lower your overheads. Together we target a 15% saving. By harnessing the scale of so many schools and NPOs, WeBenefit is able to negotiate terms and services usually only available to large corporates. We have a wide range of competitive business solutions from LED lighting, solar, computers and accessories, to large and small appliances, on-site printing and specialised printing, Wi-Fi infrastructure solutions and cleaning goods.

Helping schools raise money:

WeBenefit helps schools raise substantial and sustainable funding through their parents and communities – without those supporters having to pay an extra cent!

  • Businesses who do their procurement through WeBenefit Business can nominate your school as a beneficiary to receive the contribution generated from each transaction.

Who qualifies

  • Schools and education NPOs registered with the Department of Education.

What is expected from you

  • Encourage your parents and supporters to raise funds for you by procuring through WeBenefit.
  • Either issue, or consent to WeBenefit issuing, 18A tax donation certificates on your behalf if they are requested by donors.

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