WeBenefit’s innovative procurement platform launches at Courtrai Primary


On 10 August 2016, Courtrai Primary in Paarl, became the first school in South Africa to actively launch on the brand new and innovative WeBenefit Platform, a business that is set to transform the schooling and community landscape as we know it. According to Werner Horn, parent and governing body member at Courtrai Primary, as well as the Managing Director of WeBenefit, they started the WeBenefit journey two years ago by adopting a different perspective to the business of schools. Says Horn, a Chartered Accountant, and also a former partner at PWC: “Making a difference and doing good is very important to us: WeBenefit will save schools and parents money, guaranteed. It will open new sources of income for schools and make life easier while positively contributing to the community.”

In this regard WeBenefit has partnered with Partners for Possibility who will receive a portion of the income to further help disadvantaged schools. This organisation aims to secure a quality education for every child in South Africa by 2025. PWC will act as the auditors for WeBenefit. According to Reo Stoltz, Principle at Courtrai Primary, they consider it a privilege to have been able to be part of the initial design of WeBenefit and that will ultimately help other schools as well. 200 schools nationwide have already registered on the platform.

What is WeBenefit?

WeBenefit is a digital platform that supports schools in making it easier and more affordable to run. It helps schools to save time and money by procuring high-quality supplies at significantly reduced rates – reducing their operating costs by a minimum of 15% per annum. It also generates income for the school by using the school as a community resource and enabling the parents to also buy the same and other supplies and services at discounted rates through the platform, while simultaneously contributing to their schools.

The economical benefit this platform will bring to schools will be material. At Courtrai alone the platform offered a 50 % reduction in one of the schools’ highest operational expenses, namely photocopying, projecting a R250 k saving per annum on this item alone.

Teachers, parents, their businesses and the community all stand to benefit and there is no subscription and no membership cost.

What is the Benefit in WeBenefit?

The directors of WeBenefit have negotiated at executive management level with well-known brands such as Xerox, Samsung, Bidvest Waltons, Sanlam, Supa Quick, Cycle Lab, Greensun, Good Snacks, UCook, Armoury Academy and many others to bring a holistic offering that will enable not only the schools to make money, but teachers, parents and the community to Be Smart, Live Life and Do Good. Phase 2 of the WeBenefit Platform will see them rolling out to NGO’s and charities.

For more information on WeBenefit, please visit www.webenefit.co.za:8080 or contact them on tel.: 087 551 1001 or via e-mail: info@webenefit.co.za