Want to give back this festive season? Have you considered online shopping?

Even though it’s the best time of year for many, with all the festivities of Christmas come a lot of stress, too. Amidst the planning, cooking, card-writing and accommodation booking, there is also deciding what to give to whom and actually making the effort to go buy everything.

Let’s be honest, there is only a handful of people (surely with some kind of superpower) who manage to have everything done and dusted, wrapped and ready by the end of November.

Since shops have been ablaze with fairy lights and flaunting their decorated trees since October, it’s kind of understandable that we’re drowning in all the retail madness and involuntarily suffering from consumerism mindsets. It’s, however, important that we take a moment to stop and remember this time of year is also a time of giving back. Why not use your spend for doing good?

How you can shop online while doing good

Most people want to give back in one way or another, but the admin that surrounds it is oftentimes daunting. Which organisation or cause do you choose? How do you even know if they’re really doing good with the money you’re donating?

Thankfully there is now an easy way to do all your Christmas shopping online, while doing good. You can give towards your children’s school, a charity, care home, or church of your choice by shopping from the WeBenefit online store.

What can you expect to find? Everything from household appliances such as washing machines and TVs to bicycles, stationery, computers and more. And every time you purchase an item, a percentage of your expenditure goes to the organisation of your choice. Easy and effortless. Just the way we like it.

More perks of online shopping

There are also many other reasons why online shopping is awesome:

Convenience: Would you hop in your car with you pyjamas and slippers and go to the shopping mall for the day? We don’t judge, but we certainly hope not. With online shopping you don’t have to worry about your appearance plus, you can relax on the couch and sip on a cup of coffee while you take care of your Christmas shopping. Now that’s multitasking on another level.

Better deals: Often times you’ll find better deals and sales online than you would in a brick-and-mortar store. If you keep your eyes peeled you’ll also stumble upon great discounts and savings if you purchase specific products online.

More variety: One of the most annoying things is seeing an advert for a product you really need, driving to the shop only to find one or two items left which aren’t even the colours or models you wanted in the first place. The beauty of online shopping is that there is always more variety. You can get several brands and products from different retailers in one place. You can also shop to your heart’s content without being limited to geographical areas.

Quick comparisons: Gone are the days when you had to accept the opinion of the shop assistant telling you that it’s the best quality product, at the best price only to find out that it’s untrue. Online shops make comparison and research of products and prices easy and painless. In addition, most online stores give you the ability to share information and reviews with other shoppers.

No crowds: Online shopping not only allows you the freedom of shopping from the comfort of your own home but also frees you from other hasty shoppers riding into your heels with their trolleys. You don’t feel this underlying pressure of doing your shopping at the speed of lightning or are forced to stand in a queue for half an hour. You simply click “add to cart”, check your cart, maybe remove a few items you don’t really need or want, confirm, and check out. Then you pour a glass of wine and relax while you pity those running from store to store trying to find a pair of pants.

Curbing compulsive shopping: Okay, if you’re a compulsive shopper, you’re a compulsive shopper. Not much to do about that. However, many times when we go out shopping we end up buying things which we don’t need because of the shop assistants’ great upselling skills. Other times we’ll compromise on our choices because of the lack of variety in those shops. When it comes to online shopping, usually you have a specific product or gift in mind. You’re focussed. You go online and search for it. You compare various brands and prices and decide to buy it or not. End of story.

More about WeBenefit

WeBenefit is a trusted and secure online store which allows you to purchase goods and services while allocating a percentage of your expenditure to a school, charity, care home, or church of your choice, creating an additional revenue stream for them. We’re all about doing good and making a difference. Go to www.webenefit.co.za to sign up and start shopping and giving back today!