Schools adopting a business approach – how a new model ensures that we all benefit

The call to run schools more along business lines has grown in the last decade or so. Certainly private schools are seen as businesses in their own right with considerable investment, shareholding and leverage for profits. To run general state schools on a more businesslike basis needs to involve curtailing unnecessary expenditure .

The new hybrid operates like a traditional school in every way but endeavours to incorporate a company-like vision and meet ambitious targets. These are the schools that want to develop their own brand, achieve proficient management and academic success. In short, they want better results working within a well-managed budget. As a result a new role in school personnel has arisen – that of the school business manager.

The school business manager

The SBM is integral to helping schools make better use of their resources and facilities – to help them run along more focused, businesslike lines. This in turn enables teachers and other key players to concentrate on the core business of education. The school business manager has many operational roles:

  • manages and monitors the school’s budget
  • manages procurement
  • develops and implements performance systems
  • manages grounds/building maintenance
  • develops the school improvement plan
  • analyses school performance data
  • manages health and safety
  • deputises when the head is away
  • works to ensure the involvement of parents
  • manages support staff and acts as go-to support for teachers.

Being money savvy also means increased prestige amongst parents

The move to a more businesslike stance by schools worldwide is not only pragmatic with regard to finances, but is about prestige and academic focus. There is greater awareness among parents that their children must develop well at school in order to have a contributory and fulfilled life in a highly competitive world. They will actively seek out and assess schools whose reputations prove them well-run and which do not allow wastage, laxity, ill-discipline or poor performance. All the corporate values are there: the brand image, customer relationships, performance and reward, the focus on excellence, leadership and the values that create the individuality of an organisation.
For any school to survive and prosper in the 21st century, it is sensible and wise to adopt a business-wise approach; brand conscious, competitive and financially astute.

The number one key to making your school more profitable

One of the key elements in managing your school more efficiently is the procurement portfolio. At WeBenefit our dedicated function is to help you centralise your procurement system. We save you save time and money by sourcing high-quality products and services at cost-efficient prices, selecting the best suppliers for best value supplies, negotiating to ensure excellent service and delivery. In fact, we ensure that you are able to run your school on the best possible business-basis – saving you up to 10 to 15% savings per annum on general operating costs.

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