Power of Collective Buying: A cost-saving procurement system for schools and parents

Without stating the obvious we all know that schools are under immense pressure to be managed in a more affordable manner in order to limit the increase of school fees. It also leaves little room to maneuver and reduce non-salary related costs.

Running schools in a more sophisticated manner is becoming a top priority and one of the most annoying duties school management and teachers are often lumbered with, is the time they have to spend sourcing supplies that will be both affordable and suitable for their specific needs.

Not only do you require specialist knowledge and time to perform proper due diligences on suppliers, vendors may not care about your specific requirements, be prepared to negotiate a better price or be available to meet at a convenient time, not to mention the fact that teachers can lose hours of valuable teaching time.

Ask yourself:

  • Do you always get the best deals?
  • Are you frustrated with suppliers who push products at you?
  • Are the products that you are getting at cheaper pricing, quality products?
  • Are you maximising income generating opportunities through the best use of school resources?

Can parents and the community benefit?

Coupled herewith, most schools and parents are constantly reminded about the fundraisers needed to fund and sustain their children’s schools. In a society where time is a rare commodity and budgets are already stretched, having to spend your own time and money to fundraise for your child’s school can become a painstaking exercise often without the required results.

  • Parents are under more pressure than ever to meet school fee commitments which results in more parents applying for fee exemption.
  • The pool of parents and community members that can support fundraising efforts are limited and decreasing.
  • The community in general is apathetic towards schools.
  • Material sponsorships are limited.

So what’s the solution?

Basically, schools need help with a system that will deliver on quality, reliability and cost-efficiency – as well as giving you back your classroom time – and parents need a way to simplify their life, help their school and run their households in a more cost effective and time conscious manner!

Think it’s an impossible dream? Then you haven’t yet heard of WeBenefit

WeBenefit assists schools and parents to save time and money when purchasing school supplies and other products through an innovative online bulk procurement platform.

Not only will you find yourself in partnership with a company that will aggressively look at ways for your school to make money. Both parents and schools will enjoy the cost-saving of a bulk buying system geared to work to their advantage.

Before, suppliers knew what they were selling, while you may have had little idea what you were buying or what a fair market price for it should be. The dealers held are the cards. Not anymore.

In addition, you can expect the best advice from people who know where you’re coming from – and who are prepared to go the extra mile to ensure they understand and meet your individual requirements.

We can help by:

  • Centralising your procurement system.
  • Saving time and money by sourcing high-quality products and services at cost-efficient prices – up to 10 to 15% savings per annum on general operating costs.

We do this by using the process of large group collective spending to benefit individual school budgets and provide specialist procurement consulting with well-equipped service solutions.

  • Our Relationship Managers will work with you to understand your school’s unique challenges.
  • We listen and consult and find solutions for each and every school we engage with.
  • We then select the best suppliers such as: printing and photocopying; computer equipment; solar packages; stationery; cleaning products; catering; and tuck shop snacks and much more.
  • We negotiate on your behalf to ensure excellent service and delivery.

So what’s in it for we – the benefit to the community

We have also thought of a way for your school to become the heart of the community, benefiting teachers, parents and any other community members that wish to join an active health programme.

This is how it works:

  • buy airtime and electricity through our platform and raise funds for your school;
  • join fun physical workouts on the school grounds, brought to you by the Armour Academy;
  • buy weekly UCOOK meals chock full of healthy eating
  • buy Good Snacks monthly snack boxes for kids – healthy, nutritious good stuff!
  • and many more!

Healthier means smarter

  • WeBenefit is focused on building a healthier community.
  • We want a community that works to prevent health problems associated with excessive weight, inactive lifestyles, and way too much sugar and processed food.
  • It’s time to ditch the diet and cancel that expensive gym membership you haven’t used in months!
  • And the best part is that every time you sign up for one of our offerings, your child’s school benefits financially.

Find out more about us at: www.webenefit.co.za:8080

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