New WeBenefit services in the pipeline

WeBenefit’s focus is to reduce the operating costs (excluding salaries) of schools by a minimum of 10%-15% per annum. In order to achieve this target, we will address every possible cost item for schools.


Our initial focus was to start with the obvious products and services that would make an immediate positive impact for schools. We have been actively pursuing potential suppliers to broaden the WeBenefit offering, and schools can look forward to us addressing the following key areas:


A significant cost in most schools is printing and photocopying. The cost issue is also exacerbated by:

  • the burden of negotiating with, and being harassed by, sales people every single day to “save” the school money.
  • contracts that have exorbitant escalation clauses – in some instances quarterly escalations!
  • The issue of buying and maintaining photocopiers.

We are in advanced discussions with a major player in this space to develop a fundamentally different and innovative solution to the printing and photocopying issue – we are aiming for a min of 20%-25% cost saving for schools.


WeBenefit has also been in negotiations with a major supplier of computer equipment that will be able to provide unparalleled service levels and pricing to schools across the country.


We have been encouraged by the major providers’ that we have approached and their willingness to be innovative to address the challenges we present to them. We have embarked on a process with a major financial services institution to create “safe schools” that will have a direct positive impact on the general safety of schools and on the cost of short-term insurance.


We also realise that even though there is massive scope to bring the cost benefits of bulk procurement to schools, the absolute saving will be limited.

We are therefore also actively looking at viable income generation opportunities for schools by partnering with key suppliers to offer affordable products and services to parents and members of the community and also to add new products and services to our offering.

We will keep you posted!

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