7 tips on becoming a better donor

Donors are the lifeblood for most non-profit and charity organisations. Without donors, many charities and NPOs would be forced to close their doors.

Even though being a donor comes with great responsibility and, oftentimes, a great deal of pressure, being able to fund good and uplifting works is a very fortunate position to be in.

Here are 7 ways YOU can become a better donor:

1. Get familiar

Familiarise yourself with the mission and vision of the organisation. As humans, our money goes where our hearts lie. If you’re passionate about a certain hobby, for example, cycling, you’ll find that a great deal of your spending goes towards that hobby.

2. Don’t give out of pressure or social obligation

Giving is a privilege. Oftentimes to give is better than to receive – if your heart is in the right state. However, when it comes to giving, it’s important to check your motivation. Why are you giving? Is it because your husband or wife asked you to? Your children? Your children’s school? Spend some time to assess your motivations for the current causes you are giving towards.

3. Don’t leave your head out of it

Give with your heart but don’t leave your head out of it. Make sure you know the ins and outs of the organisation and how your contribution will be used to implement or further the mission and vision of the organisation.

As Nelson Mandela used to say: “A good head and a good heart are always a formidable combination.”

Make sure you do thorough research about a certain organisation or charity before you commit to giving on a regular basis.

4. Do your research

Make sure the organisation is transparent about where they spend their funds. Remember, you need to be a good steward of your finances, so being accountable and keeping a charity organisation accountable to be transparent, is of utmost importance.

5. It’s not just about the money

Remember that it’s not just about the money, it’s about the partnership and the relationship. Your sincere interest in an organisation’s cause will go a long way. They don’t just want to stand with their hat in their hand and take your money every month – they actually want you to be interested in the cause.

Keep up to date with the progress, news, and reports – read those emails and appreciate the feedback. Once again, it’s, therefore, good to support something you’re passionate about.

6. Review regularly

Review your giving on an annual basis – even better, quarterly. If you’ve been a donor for three years without increasing your gift, you have some reviewing to do. Inflation is a real thing. An added green rhino (or a blue buffalo, if you’re feeling generous) goes a long way.

If there is a month or season in your life where you feel like you need to cut back, just communicate! An organisation wants you as a partner, remember. They will be much more appreciative if you simply communicate openly and tell them that you need to cut back, but that they should check in with you in the next couple of months to see if you are able to get onboard again.

7. Walk a mile in their shoes

A little kindness goes a long way – especially from a donor. Working for an NGO or charity comes with plenty challenges and asking for money from donors is a big one. Work on your attitude, be polite and try to understand where the person is coming from when they check up on you for your pledged contribution or ask if you’d like to review your giving.

Often times these people are so passionate about the cause they’re supporting and they really try to get (or keep) you, the donor, passionate as well. Those monthly emails you receive that now ends up in your promotions folder… read them and let yourself be reminded of why you signed up to be a donor in the first place!

About WeBenefit

With WeBenefit, becoming a new kind of donor is now possible. In the past, the title ‘donor’ was reserved only for certain types of people.

WeBenefit was created with the sole purpose of DOING GOOD by helping care based institutions save money through procurement and raising funds in their communities.

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WeBenefit aims to get the community involved with and contributing financially to local charities so that, together, we can all make a difference. One example of how we do this is by allowing individuals to procure their everyday products and services – from home appliances, stationery, airtime, electricity and more – quickly and easily from our secure online store.

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