WeBenefit is a digital online platform that supports school management in making it easier and more affordable to run schools. Our innovative business helps schools to save time and money by procuring high-quality supplies and services more cheaply. WeBenefit also generates income for the school, by using the school as a community resource and tapping into the school’s network of parents and community members to on-sell these same supplies and services, so that everyone benefits.

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How we work

WeBenefit really understands what it takes to run a school. We listen, we consult and we find solutions that work for each and every school we engage with. We apply the benefits of large-group collective spending to the benefit of individual school budgets and ensure that each school gets the best quality for the best value.

The school saves money, the school earns money, all while the community gets fit and healthy!


Who are you?

Whether you help manage a school, are a parent, a member of staff or live close to a school, WeBenefit has a way for you to contribute. Please choose which part of the WeBenefit community you will benefit from below.


Do you run
a school?


Are you in a school administrator or operations role? Sign up today and find out how you can reduce your operating costs (excluding salaries) by at least 10%-15% p.a. Track your benefit every day. Plus find out how WeBenefit offerings can earn your school additional income.


Are you a parent or
community member?


Are you a staff member, a proud parent or a member of the community who lives close to a school? Sign up today and generate additional income for your school with the added benefit of enjoying a healthier lifestyle. WeBenefit makes it easy for you to help your school and to build a better community.

Our Partners

Are you a potential partner?


WeBenefit benefits all parties in our network. For suppliers, we provide an easy channel to the school market with the potential for high volumes. We share insight and work with you to develop an optimal approach.

Click here to contact us and we’ll get back to you in no time!

Digital benefits

WeBenefit lives online. We are an innovative digital business that uses technology to connect people to the benefit of schools and their communities. Benefits include:

  • Great savings

    Schools save money on standard school purchases, thanks to our pre-negotiated deals and reduced infrastructure, like warehousing.

  • Stay on Track

    See how much you’ve saved and earned for your school with our cost savings and income generation tracking tools on the Benefit Dial.

  • Support for Schools

    No need to spend hours negotiating with product and service suppliers – we’ve done it all for you.

  • Engage the Community

    Get your community involved with the school by offering them healthy eating and physical activity offerings that also generate revenue for your school.

  • Information networks and portals

    We create useful information networks and portals for school managers to connect and share best practice and thought leadership.

  • Connect with everyone

    WeBenefit acts as a central portal that connects the school with its community whilst building value for both.

    It’s what we call, ‘What’s in it for we’.


Our contribution

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At WeBenefit, we want to start a movement for change, not only for the school and its community, but also for education in South Africa. That’s why we have teamed up with Partners for Possibility, an organisation that aims to secure a quality education for every child in South Africa by 2025.


Partners for Possibility is a Not for Profit Organisation and Public Benefit Organisation that fosters partnerships between School Principals and Business leaders to create partnerships that exchange experience thereby enabling School Principals to become business orientated change leaders in their schools and communities. WeBenefit will be spending time contributing to this powerful initiative over and above the percentage of each school’s transaction amount that will be shared with Partners for Possibility.

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Let's Talk

Would you like to find out how you can benefit from our digital network? Do you have a question or suggestion for us? Get in touch with us today and let’s talk about ways to save money, do good and place your school at the heart of the community.

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